Legende der Wüste
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Dajana Pfeifer at CAVALLUNA

A scenery that invites you to dream

When Dajana Pfeifer and her 13-year-old gelding “Lennox” – also called “Lenny” – ride through the arena, it turns into a beautiful sea of cloths: As an Amazon of water, she and her PRE glide light-footedly over the wafting, silky fabric and once again illustrate their deep connection to each other. The Spanish horse gallops unhesitatingly through the waves of the cloth, completely trusting his rider. Dajana herself has trained her gelding for this – which can be felt in the last rows of the audience through the harmonious cooperation of her and “Lenny”.

Animals have always been at Dajana's side

Dajana’s show life is literally in her blood: At the tender age of six, she travelled through the country with her family for the first time and presented her skills as an artist to a large audience. She has been surrounded by animals all her life – but horses have always been something special for her! When her father raised ponies himself and trained her for freedom dressage, it was Dajana’s turn: She knew that she wanted to work with the noble animals!

Dajana in "Legend of the Desert"

Dajana Pfeifer rides freehand through a huge sea of cloths on her PRE gelding “Lenny” in the current show “Legend of the Desert” as an Amazon of Water – and shows demanding lessons of classical dressage such as flying canter changes, traversals and the passage. This scenery truly invites you to dream and lets time stand still for a moment. An unforgettable experience!