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Amalia Ruscone – Side Saddle Dressage Riding

Passion in the Side Saddle

Full of grace, Amalia Ruscone rides through the arena with her mare “Atrevida” as the Amazon of the earth and lets sand trickle from the ceiling on her hand signal: An impressive scenery! Amalia discovered her passion for noble animals and show riding in side saddles at an early age: It has always been her greatest dream to inspire the audience with this forgotten riding style. Now this wish has come true and she shows off her skills and passion for riding in a side saddle at CAVALLUNA!

amalia ruscone cavalluna legende der wüste

Horses are like a second family

In order to maintain her passion in Italy – where side-saddle riding is not very common – she founded the AIMA (associazione italiana monta all’ amazzone) together with three like-minded people. Tradition, quality and aesthetics are of great importance for this down-to-earth talent – so the role of the Earth’s Amazon is tailor-made for it!

amalia ruscone cavalluna legende der wüste

Amalia at CAVALLUNA - "Legend of the Desert"

As an Amazon of the element earth Amalia presents in the current show “Legend of the Desert” the traditional way of riding in a side saddle together with her mare “Atrevida”, which she trained especially for her. Even in demanding performances of classical dressage, the talented rider and her Tres Sangres mare appear lively and light and fascinate with an unbelievable presence. So Amalia and her horse inspire with pure elegance and harmony and make the scene an unforgettable experience!

amalia ruscone cavalluna legende der wüste