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Dear CAVALLUNA visitors,

Based on a decision by the federal and state governments on June 17, 2020, major events with a few exceptions are prohibited in Germany until October 31, 2020. In addition to the “CAVALLUNA – Legend of the Desert” tour, which was partially canceled due to the previous bans, the new program “CAVALLUNA – Secret of Eternity” planned from October is now also affected. This renewed expansion of the ban on major events is of course a blow to our company, since we had the hope of being able to resume normal tour operations soon. Nevertheless, we have already factored in such a scenario, which is why we are now postponing the “Secret of Eternity” tour by a year. The tour will start in Riesa in October 2021. All affected ticket buyers will be informed about their new dates in a timely manner, of course all tickets remain valid.

With full commitment, the CAVALLUNA team also succeeded in finding relocation dates for all unusual events from “Legend of the Desert”, which we have already communicated to our ticket buyers. The updated dates, also for shows outside Germany in Austria and Switzerland, can be found here at https://www.cavalluna.com/de/tickets/tour/

If you haven’t heard from us yet, be assured that no ticket purchased for our shows expires or loses its validity! We will come to you with a new appointment!

In addition, the Federal Government reacted to the dramatic situation in the area of ​​live entertainment resulting from the Corona crisis as follows: With a voucher law that came into force on May 20, 2020, it was decided that organizers of music, culture, sports or other leisure event that could not or could not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic, is entitled to hand over a voucher to the holder of an admission ticket purchased before March 8, 2020 instead of a refund of the admission price. You can find detailed information on this from the Federal Government here.

So you can be sure: Even if you don’t find the time for your new appointment, we will find individual solutions for all ticket buyers. Due to the large number of fans affected, please give us some time to take care of all matters.

Thank you for your understanding!

This page is continuously updated – as of June 24, 2020, 3:49 pm