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Horses of the world

The evolution of horses

In the pavilion “Horses of the World” you will learn everything about the evolution of horses. Did you know that the original horse – the Eohippus – was created from today’s horse breeds? And what is the difference between a full, warm, and cold blood horse? The difference is not in the temperature of the body, so much we can tell you.

Exciting lectures

Our guides will explain in exciting lectures both the origin of the horses and the development of individual breeds and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

From around the world

In the barn, you’ll also get to know a few, select horse breeds: The huge Shire Horse, the Western Horse quarter horse or the cute American Miniature Horses – the variety of more than 200 breeds worldwide knows almost no limits.

National design

The special feature of this stall is also the typical design of each box, which is reminiscent of the country of origin of the animal.

By the way, there is a spacious run-off area on the stable, where the horses can sniff, let off steam and relax.