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Exciting short films

In the CAVALLUNA PARK in Munich, you will not only experience the horses live, but also in exciting short films on the screen. In our 230 square meter horse cinema, we take you on a journey into the fascinating world of horses.

A big movie theater

Even from the outside, the cinema is a unique building, as it is completely covered with wood. Inside, you can sit in a grandstand and enjoy the performance on a large projection screen.

Horse knowledge on the canvas

Several times an hour, short films about the topic of horses are presented here. For example, learn from the successful dressage and eventing rider Ingrid Klimke in the film “Getting used to first land jumps”, how young horses are introduced to new situations. The film “Basic Communication on the Ground” is about how the relationship of trust between horse and rider can be strengthened.

A look behind the scenes

In addition to the informative films, you also have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the show EQUILA at the making-of. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique pictures.