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Real handcraft

It is a very old but still fascinating profession: the blacksmith. The craft is much more diverse than most people think. Not only the forging Suitable iron, but also the cutting and filing of the horn are among his tasks. Self-corrections of malpositions and the treated persons on the agenda of a blacksmith. Since real handwork is required!

The farrier of trust

At the CAVALLUNA PARK in Munich you have the unique opportunity to look over our blacksmith’s work. Through competence and empathy, he has made a name for himself as the “blacksmith of trust” in our showstars.

Look over the blacksmith's shoulder

Be live when hooves are rasped, forged iron and then nailed to the horse’s hoof. It requires extreme precision, from the small Shetland pony with a hoof diameter of 5 centimeters to the large Shire Horse with hooves of up to 25 centimeters – the horseshoe must be perfectly fitting.

Tradition meets the latest technology

Our forge in the CAVALLUNA PARK in Munich is located directly in front of the SHOWPALAST MUNICH. There, in the ambience of a wagon castle, traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology meet. Whether small or large, be amazed!